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Our Focus


Team America focuses on four core issue areas: (1) Character & Leadership, (2) Service & Engagement , (3) Community Uplift, and (4) Economic Empowerment.


It is through cross-sector partnerships within these four initiatives that Team America believes its positive, constructive vision of unity is perfectly situated to help our nation begin to reconcile its differences and become a country where we no longer impede on the opportunities of our fellow man, but instead, as LaDainian said during his historic Hall of Fame speech, stand together to determine the best way forward


Team America’s Economic Empowerment Initiative inspires development in under-served communities to generate solutions to common problems.


We should infuse much-needed resources into small businesses and non-profit organizations that are making a difference for their neighbors and neighborhoods by promoting neighborhood pride, healthier living, sustainability, educational exposure, and community peace and unity.

Team America’s Character & Leadership Initiative aims to instill the traits and qualities essential in developing men and women into remarkable Americans.


Driven by core values and an uncommon work ethic in order to achieve unparalleled success in every stage of life, no matter the circumstances in which they find themselves and no matter the cost necessary to be disciplined enough to do the right thing every time.

The Tomlinson Center for Leadership and Tomlinson’s Touching Lives Foundation make up the nucleus of the initiative. Other partners include the US Marine Corps, Disabled American Veterans


Team America’s Service & Engagement Initiative stresses the need for organizations and individuals to give of themselves in order to care for their fellow Americans.


Through our Service & Engagement partnerships and programs, are able to lend a helping hand and provide comfort and aid to those less fortunate, to those suffering from sudden strife in their lives, and to those who carry heavy burdens which squeeze any semblance of hope from their outlook on the future.


Team America’s Spiritual & Community Uplift Initiative focuses on building the sense of community, belonging, and determination, along with a shared faith that, as Americans, we cannot sit in judgement or despair of our fellow man.


instead we must be a nation of open-minded, open-hearted believers who work, live, and worship together to uplift our communities and make them bastions of opportunities for all who seek a better lot in life.

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