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It is not enough to provide financial support, we must also provide enablement for our deserving children to reach their full potential. From my SOAR to Success  helping children how to learn not what to learn, to our scholarships we have put the programs in place to not only help those financially but also impact Academic Performance through mentoring ensuring their success far beyond college.

S.O.A.R. to Success (Middle School)


The unintended effect of measuring success  has been to diminish the skill and tools to learn how to think instead of just what to think.



Both of our mothers were single parents, working multiple jobs just to keep us fed and clothed. Many of our childhood friends' only meal of the day was the one they received at school, there was no money for extra curricular activities. With all these distractions and more, behaviors detract from the one thing that could guarantee their rise...Education.


My wife used education to advance herself eventually earning the Bill Gates Scholar award to attend TCU. Many believe sports was my way out but without education, I dont get to play, and certainly would not have attended college to even have a chance at my dreams. Without my college degree I wouldnt enjoy the success at the NFL Network. I also fulfilled my promise to my mother after making it to the NFL by completing my degree at TCU during my NFL career.


Tomlinson Center, LLC is about Leadership, Performance, and Opportunity; all core values every student & student-athlete must adopt to ensure success. It is about reaching your full potential as a by using your athletic and/or leadership ability to earn a college degree. 

Tomlinson Center programs provide weekly mentoring and successful graduates receive Nike apparel, access to education scholarships, scholarships, experiences and personal recommendations from me to scouts, coaches and administrators.

My Foundation advances character & leadership in key areas:



  • 4 Year Character Curriculum Project

  • 4 Year Leadership Curriculum Project


  • Tomlinson Honors provides access to funding for college and career training through our School is Cool Scholarship Program. In it's 1st year in 2017 we delivered over $36,000 to this program alone.

  • Additionally, Honors rewards top educators with top performing students in the leadership development/character development programs


  • Research and Implementation of technology to gamify the program to ensure maximum adoption by students delivering superior performance for Tomlinson Center school district contracts.


School is Cool Scholarship


Since 2004, our Foundation has enabled more than 200 students to attend higher education. We have delivered more than $300,000 straight towards the student's tuition.


Selection is based upon essay, academic performance, references from teachers/coaches, and community involvement.


Ongoing awards can be earned through 3.0 or higher GPA' Community Service and Leadership.

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