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Let's Not Slam the Door on Those Who Might Look or Sound Different From Us

One Team.

One America.

A Land of Opportunity.

Team America is the signature social platform of Pro Football Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson.

A platform for inclusiveness, driven by opportunity, which aims to lead our nation to a new standard of tolerance; building bridges of unity across all religions, classes, races, and ideologies.

Team America Focuses on four core issue areas 

Relive The Birth of Team America

Core Issue Areas

...Rather, Let's Open the Door Wide for Those That Believe in Themselves and Will Take Whatever Risks Necessary and Work Hard to Succeed

Our Partners


Join The Team America Movement

The most patriotic thing we can do as Americans is reconcile our differences. Just like the two sides of the Tomlinson family, TEAM AMERICA aims to enable an environment where we are not forced to choose sides, but instead motivated to stand together and determine the best way forward.

By joining the resources of public, private, and non-profit entities and programs we can ensure a future where opportunity for all is no longer deferred.

One way we do this is through Team America's Character & Leadership Initiative, a cross-sector partnership with the Tomlinson Center for Leadership, Tomlinson's Touching Lives Foundation, US Marine Corps, and corporate sponsors to build the ultimate student-athlete and enable High Performance Cultures through professional leadership development year round.

It's Your Platform Too

Do You have a program focused on one of these core issue areas? We want to listen and collaborate.

TEAM AMERICA is a platform for ALL programs and initiatives including social entrepreneurs and B-Corps who strive to bring America to a new standard of tolerance and opportunity for all. 

Joining our Founding Alliance, Corporate Partnership, or one of the four core issue areas helps align our focus as Americans and helps to grow opportunity for your programs and passions too!

Let's become a country of accomplished dreamers and forever be defined by We, the People.

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