Team America

An Alliance of Many, Coming Together As One, Forms a Bond Unbreakable.

Team America

An Alliance of Many, Coming Together As One, Forms a Bond Unbreakable.

Team America is the signature social platform of Pro Football Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson. Team America is a platform for programs of inclusiveness, driven by opportunity, which aims to lead our nation to a new standard of tolerance as we build bridges of unity across all races, all classes, all religions, and all ideologies.

The Team America platform is bolstered by a faith and trust that, in an America that stands for ‘liberty and justice for all’ and fosters an environment whereby all Americans are working and serving together in collaboration for the greater good, opportunity and inclusiveness will surely prevail.

We ask you to join us in making a difference. Let’s build a better tomorrow. We can do that one community at a time, but we need your help. We all have to work a little bit harder to make that happen, but that’s the opportunity and the idea behind the American spirit. Together we can become Team America!

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TTLF Issue Areas

America is the greatest country in the world, and we must all work together to rebuild a shaken faith in our future. As Team America, let’s build a future where we all unite under a common bond to make a difference.

The following are the core issue areas through which Team America can bring about positive impact, one community at a time.

TTLF Impact

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College scholarship money provided through Team America Honors
Thanksgiving meals distributed to families in Texas and California
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Students that have advanced through Tomlinson Center for Leadership

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The most patriotic thing we can do as Americans and as a country is reconcile our differences. That’s what Team America is all about. Just like the two sides of the Tomlinson family did, Team America aims to create an environment where we’re not forced to choose sides, but instead we’re motivated to stand together to determine the best way forward.

By supporting the programs and initiatives of Team America, you will be directly supporting the Team America mission and vision as we strive for an America where dreams shall no longer be deferred. Instead, let’s work together to become a country of accomplished dreamers and a land of opportunity and prosperity within which we can become that more perfect union whose future shall forever be defined by We, the People.