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Tomlinson Center for Leadership

Tomlinson Center for Leadership is a program committed to creating and enhancing high performance cultures by building the ultimate student-athlete year-round. Utilizing our character then leadership curricula, our former Marine Drill Instructors deliver intentional and rigorous mentoring and leadership training for coaches, student-athletes, and team captains. The curriculum incorporates cognitive neuroscience with restorative practices, situations, actions, and results, combined with civic engagement and the Marine Corps’ proven leadership development methodology and roadmap over a four-year period.

Because leadership is built on shared experiences, we mentor student leaders on how to lead their small units in scoping, designing, and leading civic engagement projects. And because adoption requires motivation, we tap into our Team America Honors program to help ensure strong impact by awarding top performing teachers, students, and athletes within our programs with items such as apparel, experiences, scholarships for those attending college or vocational training, and financial rewards to top teachers and those who exemplify the best of mankind. It’s the difference between hoping and leaving no doubt.

School districts engage the Tomlinson Center for Leadership directly, usually starting with the Superintendent. Our character and leadership curriculum is implemented by school districts at every stage to fit a district’s unique needs, including at the high school, middle school, and alternative school levels. The program does not require investment from the individual, as the district funds the program and Team America commits reinvestment back into those youth in the form of awards, apparel, and college scholarships. For more information visit

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The most patriotic thing we can do as Americans and as a country is reconcile our differences. That’s what Team America is all about. Just like the two sides of the Tomlinson family did, Team America aims to create an environment where we’re not forced to choose sides, but instead we’re motivated to stand together to determine the best way forward.

By supporting the programs and initiatives of Team America, you will be directly supporting the Team America mission and vision as we strive for an America where dreams shall no longer be deferred. Instead, let’s work together to become a country of accomplished dreamers and a land of opportunity and prosperity within which we can become that more perfect union whose future shall forever be defined by We, the People.