Join The Founders Alliance

Join The Founders Alliance

You can be a guiding light for an organization that has such outstanding potential. By teaming with LaDainian Tomlinson and joining the Team America Founders Alliance, you can help play an integral role in the birth and development of Team America. LaDainian’s words eloquently spoke to the need for and the vision of Team America. But now comes the formidable task of bringing that vision to life and developing an organization that can make a di­fference. We believe that in LaDainian we have a great leader and a strong voice, but it’s also going to take visionary leaders such as yourself to assist with shaping the vision and providing guidance, relationships, and resources that will allow Team America to grow into what we all believe it can ultimately be.

The Team America Founders Alliance shall act as the founding advisors to LaDainian and shall help shape the early mission of the organization. Through your wisdom, your expertise, your experience, and your network, you will be a valuable leader of the Team America platform. In addition to forever being recognized as an exclusive member of the Team America Founders Alliance, the members shall meet with LaDainian once a year for a Founders Alliance summit. The day-long event will include an update on the status of Team America, LaDainian’s plans for the upcoming year, an opportunity for you to provide thoughts and insights on how Team America can continue to drive its mission and engage its target communities, and personal visits with those whose lives or whose organizations have been positively impacted by Team America.

Founders Alliance members will provide a one-time, tax-deductible gift of $50,000 which shall go toward the continued advancement of Team America. Specifically, these funds will go toward the bulleted items listed here, all of which are essential in order to grow Team America at the magnitude that we believe it can sustain as a remarkable platform for inclusiveness, opportunity, and tolerance in our country.

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The most patriotic thing we can do as Americans and as a country is reconcile our differences. That’s what Team America is all about. Just like the two sides of the Tomlinson family did, Team America aims to create an environment where we’re not forced to choose sides, but instead we’re motivated to stand together to determine the best way forward.

By supporting the programs and initiatives of Team America, you will be directly supporting the Team America mission and vision as we strive for an America where dreams shall no longer be deferred. Instead, let’s work together to become a country of accomplished dreamers and a land of opportunity and prosperity within which we can become that more perfect union whose future shall forever be defined by We, the People.