Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Team America is metaphorically represented by a bridge. But what makes the symbolism of the bridge so important to the Team America ideology?

By definition, a bridge connects two different sides. But a bridge is also the pathway to unite. Thus, a bridge not only represents a need to connect two sides, but it also provides the way by which the two sides can connect.

Like the symbolism offered through the bridge, Team America not only focuses on the need for Americans to come together, but it also provides ways by which Americans can come together as one. It’s not enough to simply point out the problems, for it’s when you also provide meaningful solutions to those problems that transformational change can occur. And that’s the goal of Team America.

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The most patriotic thing we can do as Americans and as a country is reconcile our differences. That’s what Team America is all about. Just like the two sides of the Tomlinson family did, Team America aims to create an environment where we’re not forced to choose sides, but instead we’re motivated to stand together to determine the best way forward.

By supporting the programs and initiatives of Team America, you will be directly supporting the Team America mission and vision as we strive for an America where dreams shall no longer be deferred. Instead, let’s work together to become a country of accomplished dreamers and a land of opportunity and prosperity within which we can become that more perfect union whose future shall forever be defined by We, the People.